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Want to know everything about our latest brewery innovation: TellingTank? This interview with Michiel van Vlijmen (Business Developer Actemium), Marc Heusdens ((consultant IoT Axians) and Raymond Janssen (Sales & Operation Manager Axians) will give more information about the Connectivity used within TellingTank.


TellingTank Connectivity

Want to know everything about our latest brewery innovation: TellingTank? This interview with Michiel van Vlijmen (Business Developer Actemium), Marc Heusdens (consultant IoT Axians) and Raymond Janssen (Sales & Operation Manager Axians) will give more information about the  Connectivity used within TellingTank.

What is TellingTank?

TellingTank the IoT solution that gives brewers total control over tank beer. From production and delivery, to quality control in the catering facility. An IoT-sensor is placed in each tank and captures data such as quantity, pressure, temperature etc. TellingTank aggregates data. Via a gateway the data is send to apps and to planning software or ERP-programs. TellingTank makes it possible to be in control for all parties. TellingTank is the connecting element in tank beer operation.

Which value adds a Gateway to TellingTank?

Marc Heusdens: This makes the concept of TellingTank possible at all. The brand name says it all, the tanks are going to tell the user something so connectivity is necessary. It is also a platform where they can leave messages. The connectivity is crucial.  For the solution we have chosen to place a ‘gateway’ behind the sensors in order to have access to each Point of Consumption (POC). The gateway itself uses Edge technology, which means you can perform a protocol translation on the local side, i.e. in the POC itself. Next to that security and processing is taken care of.. So you can start performing calculations and algorithms. 4G secure connectivity is used to connect to the internet and transfer the data to the platform.

Data security, an IoT solution? What about the security of the customer’s data? 

Safety is important, this question is of great importance and is first and foremost among our customers. Via 4G connectivity we connect to the internet and the data is then transferred over a secure connection to the platform. Marc Heusdens explains: “By ‘secured’ we mean among other things the use of certificates. Each device has its own security certificate. All data is encrypted before it crosses the line. In addition, each device has its own tokens and keys; devices cannot access the data and the source of another device. These devices are separated, have their own connectivity and their own communication line. When one of the devices is hacked, the key of that specific device is withdrawn or the certificate is invalidated and it can no longer communicate with the platform. You then have to deal with specific device management to manage it per device.”

Data security comes first, that’s why:

  • The device does not know about the existence of other sensors and devices. Other devices cannot gain access.
  • The POC can determine exactly who gets write and read rights.
  • There is always one-way traffic, this also applies to updates. This is made possible by the ‘Digital Device Twin’. The physical device askes the digital device twin for changes frequently. If the digital device twin has changed, the physical device retrieves that information and carries out the relevant update.
  • No data can be sent. This applies to both external and internal parties. This prevents the device from being broken into. A ‘Ruggadized Gateway’ is used.
  • Only the data that has to flow between the a specific device and the server is send between the device and the server. The server side is controlled.

What is unique about this solution?

Raymond Janssen explains: “This solution is only possible because various expertise comes together; knowledge of the beer market, sensor/gateway management and software/cloud expertise. Together we are able to make reliable measurements in the beer tanks. The strength is the availability and analysis of the live data for logistics optimization. Another benefit is that a standard IoT-platform is used. It can be adapted reasonably easy. 80% is standard and 20% is custom-made. Being a standard platform, it will be further developed and everyone who uses it will benefit from it”.

Michiel van Vlijmen adds to this: “The different customer groups all have their own added value. Location owners get insight into the data when they need new stock, service parties adjust the rides to this, etc. This saves on the logistic operation, service and maintenance of the tank beer installations, it becomes easier to remain in control of the quality of the beer as well. All this has a positive effect on the financial aspect”.

Next steps ….

The first step is the pilot phase, which is now taking place at the following POC’s.

  • Our Cafeej in Uden with Amstel
  • Fellow & Friends in Veghel with Heineken
  • Feestcafe de Prins in Tilburg with Grolsch

During the BrauBeviale we show product demonstrations and you can see TellingTank with your own eyes. Come to our stand at the BrauBeviale 7-303. Find more information here and apply for a free entrance ticket.

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