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Industrial switchgear cabinets

Industrial switchgear cabinets or control panels; the product of partnership

The construction and installation of industrial switchgear cabinets and control panels is the most tangible among our broad range of services. After all, such cabinets and panels are physical items. Actemium’s panel building shop is one of the largest in the Netherlands, and this in itself is quite unique in these days of austerity measures. Regardless of whether you require small, large or serial panel building; we have the set-up to meet your needs. In this field too, however, one of our main strengths remains hidden from view: partnership.

Our job is more than technology alone

Many directors and managers of production companies are far from interested in technology. And rightly so, as it is not their job to know about the technology. Their field has more to do with the products that can be manufactured thanks to the technology. And, of course, the customers who purchase those products from them. Almost everything else that takes place within a firm is subordinate to this. And Actemium understands this. We combine technical ingenuity with a knowledge of both the processes in the field of industrial enterprise and such firms’ environments. And the result is quite impressive. Industrial switchgear cabinets and control panels one can be proud of. Actemium is a rapidly expanding industrial services provider that feels equally at home among the production staff and in the boardroom. We are primarily a service provider that comprehends what our clients aim to do for their own customers.

How might you benefit from integrated panel building by Actemium?

  • Your production requirements are met both swiftly and flexibly.
  • Your lead times are reduced, while you also save space as a result of Actemium’s stock management.
  • You always acquire the appropriate combination of standardisation and custom-made solutions, because your own operating processes are leading.

Please contact us personally, if you want to know more about the added value of integrated panel building. We would be pleased to explain the possibilities to you.

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