The UL Panel Shop Builder – for increased knowledge

The United States and Canada represent an attractive market and therefore plenty of opportunities. However, the safety regulations in place in these countries are very stringent, with some aspects differing from European standards and directives. But this need not be a problem, as Actemium can ensure that your control systems are fully compliant.

Any products that meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards meet the most stringent of requirements relating to general safety, fire safety and performance. As a UL Panel Shop Builder, we have a great deal of knowledge relating to UL/cUL standards and a wealth of experience, too. And you can take advantage of this knowledge and experience. This will ensure that you will not be confronted with the need to make unexpected modifications. Or with legal proceedings, once your product has been delivered.

UL 508, EMC and EX standards

Our control panels meet standards including UL 508. Naturally, the control panels we build also comply with the European directives for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and for equipment for potentially explosive environments (EX). This mix of standards is a unique one and Actemium is one of the few panel builders in the Netherlands that meets all these standards.

The UL Panel Shop Builder: our approach put into practice

  • Engineering
  • Component selection and assembly
  • Cabinet certification

We take the directives and standards that apply to your specific market into account as early on as the engineering phase for your control system. We provide you with recommendations concerning the use of certified/non-certified components. And, as a UL Listed Panel Shop Builder, we are able to issue UL certificates for the panels we build in accordance with UL 508 standards ourselves.

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