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Tankbeer under control

TellingTank is an IIoT solution that will give brewers total control over tank beer. From production and delivery, to quality control in the catering facility. Telling Tank will aggregate Tank Beer data and provides planning and overview applications plus interfaces for ERP-programs.

Functionalities of TellingTank

Important functionallities, read more about it in our technisal brochure

  • Real-time and historical Tank Beer data

  • Beer Tank details

  • Best delivery window

  • Beer quality data

  • Alarm status overview

  • Maintenance proposals

A day with TellingTank

Start up

During your morning coffee you log into the dashboard and on the map you have a quick overview of all your Tank Beer locations. There are no urgent deliveries needed, with another sip of coffee you filter on all purple indicators to add them to todays trip planning.

Online you see that the road conditions are okay and you upload your planning to the tank beer truck so your driver can start immediately.

You process the invoicing of yesterday delivers, you can do this well before the weekly tank beer meeting.

Problem cases

During this meeting you use the dashboard and historical data to discuss last week problem cases. One of these issues concerns a faulty coolcompressor causing the beer temperature being too high. You zoom in the caterar location and you see that for this location there is no maintenance data contract so the problem wasn’t detected before the beer temperature became a problem. The system shows two caterars with ‘aged’ beer, you plan to contact these caterars this afternoon to sell them fresh deliveries. Your manager is very satisfied with the insights. 

Change of planning

During lunch time a good customer in Amsterdam calls with a request to have extra beer. On the system you see that there is a truck near Amsterdam, his trip planning can be changed so this customer can be helped immediately. You change the planning of this truck and call the driver. The driver confirms the change and will visit this customer. You have time for tea and conclude that your Tank Beer is under control

Working with TellingTank

What could TellingTank do for you?

Tank beer chauffeur

Optimal trip planning

All relevant data available

Tank beer manager

Area overview with actual stock statuses

Accurate stock data

Abnormalities information

Tank beer planner

Stock in relation of consumption

Optimal deliverywindow for each location

Increase drop sizes

Location Manager

No manual stock checks, no guessing

Correct information any time

Beer condition guarding

Quality manager

Insight in beer storage conditions

Maintenance party

Remote information on tankbeer installation status

Able to optimize support activities

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