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Operational dashboard with real-time plant information in order to control the production process.

The Manufacturing Execution System, Shopfloor-Online

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In this video Anna Vesnonoka tells about her internship at Actemium.

Control of the production process

“In the video I give a brief explanation of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) called Shopfloor-Online. This is used as a main solution by the Actemium business unit Manufacturing, Test systems & Logistics, which is based in Veghel.

The main part of the video is dedicated to the product that I was working on, which was an operational dashboard, created in Shopfloor-Online. This displays the real-time plant information and contains the production tasks that the operator can perform, in order to control the production process.

Towards the end of the video I mention the reasons why MES solutions are becoming more in demand and give contact details to get more information about the subject.”

More information about MES solutions?

Together with you we would like to think about how a MES solution can control yout production process.

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